Senior Finance Manager/Deputy Director of Finance(J12472)


招聘1人 / 香港 / 发布于 2019.11.12

大约薪资:  50000~70000



Report to Deputy General Manager of Hong Kong Office and General Manager of Capital Markets  Manage the Group’s financial reporting process and prepare the consolidated financial statements to ensure they are complete, accurate and timely.  Assist General Manager of Capital Markets for corporate finance deals, credit rating applications, bond issuance etc.  Ensure compliance with applicable laws and relevant regulatory rules of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and the SFC  Negotiate with bank and financial institutions in major terms of financing and transactions  Maintain and build good relationship with different financial institutes  Liaise with external auditors, handle taxation, treasury matters  Perform due diligence, valuations, financial modelling, financial returns analysis etc.  Analyse and interpret the consolidated financial statements to facilitate reporting to senior management team and external stakeholders  Ensure financial control is maintained and efficiencies are achieved with existing financial system, processes and procedures, including internal control, risk management, corporate governance requirement  Conduct independent review and evaluations of operating units financial and operational policies and procedures for the purpose of improving the efficiency and effectiveness  Make recommendations to the management over the strategies in the financial positions of the Company  Prepare and review regular monthly reports on the Group’s financial performance to senior management, interim and annual statements to shareholders and other reports and analysis  Monitor the Interim and Annual accounts closing programme for the Group and prepare the Interim and Annual Reports in accordance with the planned schedule  Solid knowledge and well-versed in Hong Kong Companies Ordinance, HKEx Listing Rules, Company Acts in major offshore jurisdictions, other statutory and compliance requirements  向香港辦公室副總經理兼資本市場總經理報告  管理集團的財務報告流程並準備合併財務報表,以確保其完整,準確和及時  協助資本市場總經理處理公司融資項目,信用評級申請,債券發行等  確保遵守香港聯合交易所和證監會的適用法律和相關監管規則  與銀行和金融機構就融資和交易的主要事宜進行談判  與不同的金融機構保持並建立良好的關係  與外部審計師聯絡,處理稅務、財務事務  進行盡職調查,評估,財務建模,財務回報分析等。  分析和解釋合併財務報表,以向高級管理團隊和外部利益相關者報告  確保維持財務控制並利用現有財務系統、流程和程式實現效率,包括內部控制,風險管理,公司治理要求  對運營單位的財務和運營政策及程式進行獨立審查和評估,以提高效率和提升公司財務狀況  就公司財務狀況中的策略向管理層提出建議  編制並審閱關於本集團向高級管理層的財務業績的定期月度報告,對股東的中期和年度報表以及其他報告和分析  監督本集團的中期和年度會計結帳,並按照計劃的時間表準備中期和年度報告  紮實的知識和精通《香港公司條例》,《香港交易所上市規則》,主要離岸司法管轄區的《公司法》,其他法律和合規要求

Degree holder in Accountancy, Finance or related discipline with HKICPA / ACCA or equivalent professional qualifications. Holder of HKICS or ICSA qualification a plus  At least 6 years of corporate finance and audit experience (preferably from Big 4) and preferably 2 years commercial experience on property sector  Acute analytical and quantitative skills, able to perform due diligence, research, financial modeling and valuation and with strong attention to detail  Strong technical accounting and familiar with Hong Kong and PRC accounting standards, taxation, customs, banking, legal and government regulations and practices.  Excellent communications skills and ability to coordinate and liaise at all levels  Fluency in English and ability to speak, read and write Chinese and specifically Mandarin is a must as need to liaise with Mandarin speaking associates  Previous work experience in PRC background company is preferred  Immediate availability is preferred 要求  具有香港會計師公會/ ACCA或同等專業資格的會計,金融或相關學科的學位持有者  最好具備香港特許秘書公會或特許秘書及行政人員協會資格  至少6年的公司財務和審計經驗(最好是來自四大會計師事務所),最好有2年以上的房地產行業商業經驗  敏銳的分析和定量技能,能夠進行盡職調查、研究、財務建模和估值,並且非常注重細節  熟練的技術會計,並熟悉香港和中國的會計準則,稅收、銀行、法律和政府法規和慣例  優秀的溝通能力和協調與聯絡的能力  必須具備流利的英語水準,並具有說、讀、寫中文(特別是普通話)的能力,以便與講普通話的同事保持聯繫  有在中國背景公司工作經驗者優先  即時到崗優先